3d projects

In this section 3d projects of apartments, 3d visualization of interiors, architecture, furniture and others.

3d rendering is necessary to save money and not to re-do everything afterwards, when it will be a real object, look in advance how it looks.

Perhaps you did not find the 3d rendering of what you were looking for – be sure to send us your request – it is likely that we have some work that is not yet represented in the portfolio, or we can synthesize your version from the previous experience.


3d rendering in perspective, axonometry, objects, with bird’s flight, interiors, exteriors, apartments, country houses, trade equipment, furniture, 3D landscape visualization, industrial facilities and many other kinds of 3d visualization.

The range of services in the market for 3d visualization is truly wide. The views of 3D modeling and visualization are great. 3D rendering is used for analysis in industry, interiors, architecture, landscape and many other areas.

The fact is that sometimes it is easier to perform 3d modeling and visualization of an object than organize a photo session of an object. We have some works in the portfolio, which were carried out for advertising purposes. 3D rendering is a flexible way of displaying reality – the object can be shown from different sides, you can change the color or make additional options before the real produce of the object.

Often 3D rendering is used to advertise goods and services. A 3d model of the product is created, then the color, material of the product is selected, the object is shown from different sides. Sometimes we make diagrams, explanations to the object. Sometimes we connect a marketer, a graphic designer for more complicated projects.

If you need to create a layout of a flyer, a booklet, a banner and other advertising media using 3d rendering – send an inquiry to us at karpilenko@gmail.com and we will respond in the near future.

Regardless of the area for which you need 3d modeling and 3d rendering of objects – contact us for clarification. It is possible that we already have a solution for you!


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