3d visualization of the kitchen

3d visualization of the kitchen


To your attention: 3d visualization of the kitchen. This 3D visualization of the kitchen was done for Sergio Sport magazine. Our work is 3D modeling and 3D visualization of any objects – from industrial to art objects, sculptures, furniture elements.

For this 3D visualization, the basic concept of kitchen design was developed with exclusive chairs in the form of a bottle cork by Manuel Welsky, a Salomonsen design shelf where clay absorbs excess water from watering seedlings and the cocoon shelf always stays cool, a wine cabinet from Le Futur with a special display showing humidity and temperature, a collection of knives from Ad Hoc Premium from Del Ben.

All these elements are displayed on a 3D visualization of the kitchen.

And this is very important – to show all the details on 3D visualization, because without them the view of the kitchen will be different, or just empty and most importantly not the same as it will be after you settle down and acquire accessories.

3d visualization of the kitchen allows you to see its internal content, think over the functional part of the kitchen, how you will use it.

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