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It was like panic. I didn’t have time until sunset because my brushes were gone and I had to buy new ones.

I was in a hurry to make a naked frame with a pencil, but did not even take a flashlight with me.

I heard that there are surfers who surf in the dark at night and there are some among my friends.


But I don’t remember this kind of artist. At least I haven’t done this myself.

Today I switched to the color version for the first time. I haven’t painted with watercolors for so long that I hardly remember how to do it.

Suddenly the backlight had turned on and it seemed to me that I was in some kind of fairy tale.

On the one hand, I felt calmer because I can take my time.
On the other hand, it was a brain explosion. The situation has completely changed.
Where there used to be light, there should now be a shadow from the highlight.
If before the bright sky was lighter than the roof, now everything vice versa.

Drawing colored is much more difficult and takes more time, so you need to plan your time differently. But I am very glad that I manage to continue this hobby, sooner or later, it will turn out well.

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