Armada interior office design

Дизайн офиса Армада


The designer’s supervision of this project was carried out in Moscow.

3d visualization of the design project is here:

3д визуализация офиса

The uniqueness of the layout is that the director sees all employees through glass panels, which can be closed using the remote control.

The customer and the designer met on the Internet.

And then, after the meeting, we signed a contract for the development of a design project.
“Armada” – window systems is a dynamically developing company specializing in interior and exterior glazing.

The designer of the studio “Paolo Karpilenko” was assigned the following tasks: planning, conceptual, lighting, decoration and color.

Before starting work, the customer and the designer carefully discussed the upcoming tasks and identified important points of support for their solution. For example, it is very important to observe the corporate style in office design, and Armada has it!

Various options were considered for the layout, and the most unusual, bold one was chosen. According to this option, the head of the company is isolated in a separate room so as not to be distracted from the often intense work. At the same time, the head has a complete overview of the office – incoming clients, employees.


In the implemented project of the Armada office, the manager at any time can press the button on the remote control and the automatic blinds will open the view or hide the internal negotiations of the company with its clients and employees from prying eyes.

The main areas are located within the radius of the manager’s office: the waiting area for clients is a small sofa and a TV panel, the areas for employees to work in groups are the hostess secretary, a specialist in the selection of profiles and accessories, and others.

Office lighting is performed in 3 strategies. Firstly, it is lighting with lamps for employees – for good work, employees need local bright light and this is very important – and nowadays not everything can be done only at the computer. Secondly, this is general overhead lighting – it is the main one, especially when the work in the office is literally in full swing. And thirdly, there is under-ceiling (ceiling) lighting to give the office a little comfort, to emphasize its unique design, to create such lighting that will not strain the eyes – just like on an airplane.

Among the design elements of the office interior, there are decorative photo prints, furniture, logo and samples.

Decorative photo prints display Armada’s corporate identity, which adds art and uniqueness to the interior – the image has been updated by the designer for quality in large dimensions.


The furniture was shown conceptually in 3D and was distributed in the layout taking into account ease of use. Metallic was recognized as an additional color, the same metallic is used for the logo, the production of which was a drama for the designer – the fact is that it was too expensive to make a logo from steel in the style of the NTV logo (Russian TV channel), and the designer could not offer something better than advertising plastic, therefore later organizes the “Speed of Creativity” competition on this topic up to the development of the history of the “Paolo Karpilenko” brand.


Special attention was also paid to the samples. At fairly high ceilings, it is important to understand the lighting rules – a very common mistake when the beam of light is obscured by the viewer’s body or the luminaire in the ceiling is simply weak – therefore it was proposed to organize the illumination of the samples locally. The electrical plan was made in such a way as to take into account the illumination of each element and to supply power to the necessary places in advance and without alterations.

For your attention 3D-images and the implementation of a unique project of the office “Armada” window systems in Moscow.


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