Collapsar disco-bar

дизайн клуба

Several different groups of specialists worked on the implementation of the Collapsar Disco bar in St. Petersburg.

Designer team, construction team, glass and lighting specialists, upholstered furniture and carriage coupler specialist team.

As usual, it all starts with a preliminary consultation – the main idea of the establishment, features of color design and style, features of the bar counter, furniture and decorative elements.

Collapsar is a space object with a super-powerful gravitational field. The restaurant’s name logo is located in the very center of the bar and is made with backlighting.





20140517_225259 (1)The most important and successful in the Collapsar club bar was the lighting. The result is a trendy popular bar.

Thanks to RGB LED strips, you can choose combinations of lighting colors across the entire color spectrum. The walkways are also illuminated by hidden light, the color of which is adjustable.



In combination with the monotonous color of the bar countertop, decorative elements – a panel with photo printing, a contrast is obtained – from simple to complex – you can look at the details of the constellations, literally look at the stars.

The tables are also made using photo printing on glass, while their sides are finished with a soft anti-vandal material so as not to accidentally hit.







STOYKABARA2The bar counter is made with a lower and upper level. The upper level increases the cost of the structure and its manufacture. However, it is important for a bar to attract the attention of visitors and ensure their comfortable rest, therefore restaurateurs do not skimp on such expenses.

The back line of the bar is made in frosted glass with backlighting, which creates an additional sense of space, it is very important that the bottles with booze and their labels are clearly visible to visitors. As a result, the back line is highlighted, but nothing glares or strains the eyes.

The front of the bar is finished with a carriage coupler. We have a unique offer for future clients! We can make sure that bright LED backlighting is carried out to the rhinestones of the carriage coupler, and then they will twinkle like stars!



The dance floor area of the disco bar also has brighter lighting for a more cheerful and positive mood. The bar actively uses mirrors to expand the space. There is equipment to ensure good sound. The fully powered DJ stand resembles a huge auto-party spotlight.


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