Retail and exhibition equipment

The design of trade and exhibition equipment is quite a specific direction of design.

кухня евроспар дизайнер

As a matter of fact it is something intermediate between design of furniture and design of an interior.
In trade and exhibition equipment can be like the layout of the zone of the outlet, the store, and separately the design of the furniture rack, equipment elements.

It is important to note that this trend also includes graphic design.

From the point of view of the diversity of graphic solutions, the design of trade exhibition equipment is unique.

Even existing analogues do not always allow the client to understand and imagine what exactly he needs.

The point of sale should look presentable, and better even innovatively.

It is difficult to dovetail with the price, because the client’s capabilities are always limited.

Moreover, the design specialist should know the process of producing such furniture, otherwise the client risks to order a poor-quality project.

Each product is exclusive – exhibition section, reception, shop, showcase.

Dimensions are similar, but the tasks are different each time. Brands are different.

This explains the high cost of design services for trade exhibition equipment.


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