3d visualization from a bird’s eye view

3d visualization from a bird's eye view

3d visualization from a bird’s eye view

3d visualization from a bird’s eye view

This 3D visualization from a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood was made as a concept for a hotel in Spain.

This is sometimes referred to as “environment design”. The main central administrative area of the hotel is a gold-framed gem around which everything develops.

Each villa is a pearl of the hotel’s necklace, which seems to be thrown on the sand of the beach by a guest running in the morning. But it doesn’t matter for her – her boyfriend will give her one more or better – this is a club hotel with expensive boutiques of famous brands.

A shopping complex, golf courses, clusters of apartment buildings, villas with swimming pools – to demonstrate all this, this 3D visualization of the hotel from a bird’s eye view was performed.

The 3D visualization from a bird’s eye view of this hotel also shows 2 entrances, which are shown by arrows. Each entrance has a checkpoint and a large parking area for buses and heavy vehicles. Further, some cars can drive to the parking lot of the shopping complex, and some to the back side of villas, townhouses and apartment rooms.

Each villa is facing the sea, jogging paths, landscaping is a relaxation area for dating and communication. Alternative landscaping is not the most common choice for beachfront placement, but it has several advantages.

Firstly, for those who want to swim, it does not interfere at all, and secondly, it is located somewhat in the lowland and therefore does not block the view of the sea, thirdly, someone will want to lie on the grass and in general it is more convenient to walk on it than on the sand.

Project Description:

Torreblanca Resorts.
Favorable conditions for recreation and living!

In order to concentrate the basic concept of Torreblanca Resorts, it was required not only to understand the concept of a high level of comfort, but also to understand what elite, chic, high gloss are, as well as what images and styles from the correct associative range can be dominant.

There are many elite brands and expensive goods, they are all different – from clothes and perfumes to gadgets and jewelry.

How to catch the main trends? The main spark for the project, which will light the fireworks on the occasion of the birth of this glamor oasis?

It should be emphasized that glamor is much more erotic and starry than charm and chic. How to balance these concepts and what can be more important than them?

Art. Beauty will save the world! And art in its purest form. Each of us knows high-quality brands and understands why he pays for a brand, but at the same time each of us wants individuality, exclusiveness. Therefore, chic exclusive is more important than glamor.

Jewelry products. There is creativity at every step – in every necklace, in every ring and earrings. Jewelry is not so associated with eroticism, but rather indicates elite, individuality, a sense of taste.

We go in for sports, work well and have a good rest – we want to be beautiful, look beautiful and observe so that everything around is beautiful and interesting.

And if for some reason we do not like jewelry as such, the main thing for the concept is not the jewelry industry itself, but the creative potential contained in its frame and even transferred to architecture!

Good architecture looks like a masterpiece of jewelry! Therefore, the task of working out such a project concept is no less difficult than its creation. The concept can change, each object requires some preparation to make it both functional and aspiring to be associated with a treasure.

In this version, several types of jewelry associations are integrated into the architecture. Necklace, ring, earrings, art objects.


Description of the project concept:

The necklace fell on the sand of Piniscola by accident as she was doing her morning run on the beach. Since she was listening to an iPod with mini earphones for 800 euros, she did not even notice it. In the end, what’s the difference – the husband will buy her more of this or that, depending on her whim.


The main chain of the necklace is low-rise sectional villas, each with enough space not to feel closed, with a pool to cool off occasionally. Elite villas of 2-3 floors with a rooftop pool are planted along it with titanium or pearl balls from large ones near the center to small ones.

This is an absolutely modern space architecture, which is itself elite, where even the furniture is so chic that not everyone is able to furnish their home with such furniture – you need to get used to the good, and some are already used to it.


The most interesting thing awaits us in the center of the necklace. This is a gem – it can of course be just a diamond, but she has enough diamonds on the sections of the necklace chain, in the center the stone should be bright – so that it attracts attention – red, ruby! Or at least sapphire and big.

Not only is the stone itself neatly framed in gold, but there are also two semicircular elements around it. They are facing the ruby and the sea like an amphitheater – the red bull threw out all its energy in the center of this bullfight.


The Center is headquartered – it is equidistant from all other Torreblanca Resorts properties.

Here you can register and you can immediately plunge into one of the central pools, drink fresh juice at one of the water bars.

The upper floors have the most elite rooms, as well as the most expensive restaurant and hall for banquets and events.


The coastal crab ran along the necklace, slightly hooked it in two places along the edges of the ruby with pieces of gold with claws, trying to understand what it was, as a result, two additional pseudo-central zones appeared with restaurants somewhat cheaper, but at the same time concentrating people in one place where it is possible with meet someone, or maybe just have a tasty time. The crab moved its claws a little and ran on. From him there was a path on the edge of the necklace.

The main road is organized optimally for the given territory, since a considerable part of it is reserved for golf courses and a sports area. In fact, the road does not go along the coast where people rest, but also not along the edge of the site, so that you can get everywhere by the shortest route along this road. Closer to the main entrance on one side and the central office on the other, there are 2 Chinese restaurants.

The road runs through the ring like a thread and continues its direction to residential areas and the main pedestrian street, filled with a variety of bars, restaurants, and most importantly, outlets for luxury products. Here you can find the most famous brands, often at stock prices, and sometimes you can find the most real work of art worth fabulous money.

Each section-capsule is either a box or a faceted jewelery stone – they are stacked in 3 floors and already almost fall on our jeweler, and he, with the last of his strength, still manages to keep his treasure – a ruby. At night, each ruby flickers with different colors, and sometimes they are organized into light and music throughout the street – this means happy hours.

Here’s a Disneyland brand for adults! That’s it!


This center of luxury real estate and trade is surrounded by residential sections, they can be from three to 13 floors an amphitheater, in order to clearly observe the sea and coastal landscape, their design can be either sectional and simple, or with a unique design of facades, which is very important to think well with a complete study of the project.


But now our heroine’s run is over and she runs to the western part of the Torreblanca Resorts, where she will run into her rented modern villa to take a shower, eat a croissant, drink juice, and then relax a little in the pool and sunbathe on a sun lounger. A few hours will pass, her elite phone with rhinestones emits a light melody and it’s time to go play golf, and then a game of tennis and dinner in the late afternoon.


The organization of the relief of golf courses is a very difficult specific task. Even artificial rocks with an internal cave and stairs can appear here, or maybe it will be metal structures, bridges, towers. Most likely, somewhere there will be a hint of elite and rhinestones, and the golf ball itself becomes almost golden.

Or maybe it’s just an unobtrusive natural landscape to go a little into nature.

Bali island, Pavel Karpilenko 2013

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