3d visualization of furniture

3d visualization of furniture
3д визуализация мебели

When furniture is serial and inexpensive, it is usually not modeled separately in 3D. But when it is exclusive expensive furniture, or even more custom-made furniture, even if everything is clear, they make a 3D model – for checking, for peace of mind.

For example, the width of the profile of this table can be 5 cm, 7 cm – according to the picture, you cannot immediately evaluate it. But the proportions are much more important – the ratio of the profile to the glass, the nuances of the profile shape – the 3D model is made to scale. That’s why you need 3D visualization of furniture.

We perform 3D visualization of furniture of any shape, material and style. Classic, modern, hi-tech, empire, minimalism and others. 3D visualization of furniture allows you to avoid mistakes, and most importantly, to agree on the nuances of the customer’s wishes so that a professional furniture maker translates them into reality.

3D visualization of furniture allows you to see every detail, accessories of your furniture, and if you wish, see the elements inside! We will perform 3D visualization of the kitchen, wardrobes, sofas, beds, tables and chairs, designer furniture. If necessary, we attract a designer for style advice.

3д визуализация стола3д визуализация стула3д визуализация пуфа

3д визуализация

3d visualization of the hallway


3д визуализация торгового оборудования для аэропорта Домодедово

3d visualization of retail equipment




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