3d visualization of objects

3д визуализация объектов

Your attention a topic: 3D visualization of objects. This 3D visualization of an object (a tractor) was made for LTD Machines of the Kirov Plant.

Our work is 3D modeling and 3D visualization of any objects – from industrial to art objects, sculptures, furniture elements.

In this case, the newly released K 9450 went directly to the buyer for operation and the customer did not have a single piece of equipment left for a photo shoot and further use in advertising.

Therefore, 3D modeling and 3D visualization of the object – the tractor – were performed. As a result, it became possible to promote the product, advertise it, use the 3D model for additional study of the object.

It is no secret that 3D visualization of objects is used to advertise modern technologically innovative cars and other industrial products – first a 3D model is built, and then pictures are made, and videos are made if necessary.

Order 3D visualization in axonometric: karpilenko@gmail.com


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Order 3D visualization in axonometric: karpilenko@gmail.com

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