Axonometric 3D visualization

Axonometric 3D visualization

Axonometric 3D visualization

This 3d visualization in axonometric projection of the interior’s apartment was made for the Mi-& Design studio together with Mikhail Ikonnikov and Ilya Sorokin.

Relatively simplified 3d visualization in axonometric projection does not distract the viewer from the main thing when it is so important. First you need to understand the concept, the dominant of the interior, and then proceed to detailed elaboration.

For this interior, the layout of the apartment is very important – rooms, wardrobes exist separately from each other, and this is well shown by 3d visualization in axonometric projection.

Because we see everything schematically, from above, but we see the situation as a whole. And at the same time, in this layout, the presence of corridors is minimized.

This layout is very convenient and space-saving.

Yes. 3d visualization in axonometric projection is used precisely to show the layout, but not only it, but something more – the color concept, the main arrangement of furniture.

That is why it is so in demand, because people want to see everything at once, and even at the very beginning of the design.

The radial wall of the bathrooms forms the dominant feature of the layout and design of the premises.

And also 3D visualization in perspective view of the interior of the apartment allows you to choose the color – the color of the floor material unites the entire space, and minor deviations in color complement the interior.

In the bathrooms, the color contrasts with the rest of the apartment to give the interior more contrast and liveliness.

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